Reverse Mindset

A reverse mindset is one of the essentials not only in the wisdom in living but also in the process of self healing.

Our body has an innate mechanism for self-healing, but it has to be activated through the mind.

The body and the mind are interconnected and it is very important to harness mind power to initiate the self-healing process.

Unfortunately our minds can be “conditioned” into thinking otherwise; that is, believing that the body may need medications to begin the healing process. This is where the reverse mindset plays a pivotal part and can indeed open our eyes to self-healing.

Descartes, the great philosopher, once said: “I think, therefore I am.”

But what is a reverse mindset?

Wisdom comes from our minds, basically that is how we think.

Because our thoughts determine who we are and what we do then wisdom has to do with mental perceptions of what we experience, as well as with our interpretations of those perceptions.

Sometimes however our thoughts can deceive and mislead us.

For example, we have been bombarded with notions, such as “talk to your doctor,” that have the mindset that drugs are answers to all our health problems.

Therefore, true human wisdom is the capability to separate the truths from the half-truths or even myths.

To see through the deception or illusion created by our minds, we need a reverse mindset. The explanation is that the human mind is frequently “pre-conditioned” such that the thoughts of past experiences “pre-determine” how the mind will think and act.

Therefore, to develop a reverse mindset, we must first and foremost have an open mind so that we can receive unconventional ideas and new ideas.

An example of “conditioned” thinking is that “extra effort” will lead to success in something we do. However, with a reversed mindset the opposite is true: that is, the less effort, the greater chance of success because extra effort creates only more stress.

In the same manner, taking more pharmaceutical drugs will not make you healthier; quite the contrary, the more medications you take, the more toxic your body becomes as you fill it with foreign chemicals.

Therefore, develop a reverse mindset to take control of your health and believe in the power of self-healing, which means doing the least and letting nature do the rest.

Spiritual Self Healing

Spirituality has been increasingly used as a self healing process over the centuries. You can heal yourself through various forms of spiritually motivated self healing techniques.

Self healing is like a journey where you not only reach your destination, but also enjoy the actual journey.

This journey, or process of self healing, is an integral part of our spiritual existence.

As we have previously mentioned our bodies have the capability to heal themselves, cuts and scratches close by themselves, in fact sometimes so well that they do not even leave a scar.

This is self healing and can be applied to other ailments.

Spiritual self healing is similar but heals the body from inside to out, this is not a method but a journey we can take on a daily basis, to achieve the desired results.

So can self healing help you?

If you have a desire to live a healthy and content life, then yes self healing can indeed help you, and if you need help when you feel that medicine is not enough, that you wish for some sort of divine help and are overwhelmed by the stresses of life.

It is simple to introduce in to your everyday life, and spiritual self healing forms the foundation from which you can grow and lead a healthier life.

The more you practice and use your positive inner energy, the more attuned to it you will become, and before you know it you will be feeling its benefit without even concentrating on doing it and the more your body will self heal, both inside and out.

You will live a healthier, more balanced and positive life.

Feeling this inner energy and utilizing it to self heal can be found by various techniques including meditation and channeling your energy through various parts of your body, it will make you feel healthier, less stressed and can heal your inner and outer body.

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What is self healing

Self healing energy is, to some, simply a buzzword.

To them, it’s a pseudo-science adopted by certain individuals to make money from other, more gullible individuals.

Claims of instant cures of the physical and the spiritual self are made by self serving individuals. Yet, is this all there is to it? Is energy work a fraud, or is it actually a reality? Can people really channel their energy and self heal?

By tapping into the powers of the physical, emotional and spiritual body, it’s possible to overcome issues of various diseases and illnesses.

This includes those of the body and the mind.

Self healing energy occurs through the ability of the individual to tap into the inner resources found within us all, it is not an elitist past-time, anybody can channel their inner energy and self heal.

Among the more popular forms of physical or spiritual self healing are:

  • Reiki – the most common type of all
  • Acupuncture/acupressure
  • Qigong
  • Pranic Healing
  • Emotional Touch Therapy (ETT)
  • Healing Touch Therapy (HTT)
  • Polarity Healing

The concept of energy work relies on the body’s innate self healing mechanism.

It lies within us all, waiting for our realization of its power.

One traditional way of awakening the energy to self heal is meditation. It doesn’t matter what type of practice you follow – Zen, Tibetan or Sufi, meditation will produce results.

Research indicates that meditation helps decrease the level of stress on the body, it reduces anxiety levels.

Meditation, in doing so, helps our immune systems by boosting the activity of our antibodies. These fight off invading diseases and other causes of health issues.

When we sit quietly in a meditative pose, we tune into our inner self.

As we dismiss the world around us, mind and body become free of distractions. We are then free to let the energy flow throughout our being.

For self healing energy to continue to work effectively, it requires dedication to a practice.

Maintain a disciplined approach to meditation.

Try to perform some form of meditation or energy channeling daily for as long as you can.