Reverse Mindset

A reverse mindset is one of the essentials not only in the wisdom in living but also in the process of self healing.

Our body has an innate mechanism for self-healing, but it has to be activated through the mind.

The body and the mind are interconnected and it is very important to harness mind power to initiate the self-healing process.

Unfortunately our minds can be “conditioned” into thinking otherwise; that is, believing that the body may need medications to begin the healing process. This is where the reverse mindset plays a pivotal part and can indeed open our eyes to self-healing.

Descartes, the great philosopher, once said: “I think, therefore I am.”

But what is a reverse mindset?

Wisdom comes from our minds, basically that is how we think.

Because our thoughts determine who we are and what we do then wisdom has to do with mental perceptions of what we experience, as well as with our interpretations of those perceptions.

Sometimes however our thoughts can deceive and mislead us.

For example, we have been bombarded with notions, such as “talk to your doctor,” that have the mindset that drugs are answers to all our health problems.

Therefore, true human wisdom is the capability to separate the truths from the half-truths or even myths.

To see through the deception or illusion created by our minds, we need a reverse mindset. The explanation is that the human mind is frequently “pre-conditioned” such that the thoughts of past experiences “pre-determine” how the mind will think and act.

Therefore, to develop a reverse mindset, we must first and foremost have an open mind so that we can receive unconventional ideas and new ideas.

An example of “conditioned” thinking is that “extra effort” will lead to success in something we do. However, with a reversed mindset the opposite is true: that is, the less effort, the greater chance of success because extra effort creates only more stress.

In the same manner, taking more pharmaceutical drugs will not make you healthier; quite the contrary, the more medications you take, the more toxic your body becomes as you fill it with foreign chemicals.

Therefore, develop a reverse mindset to take control of your health and believe in the power of self-healing, which means doing the least and letting nature do the rest.