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New: Tutorial on “Blotting” for oral health

Hi folks,

I’ve decided to offer some valuable information to my clients that isn’t available elsewhere free of charge.

When you become a client of mine by ordering the Customized Eating Guidelines or doing email consults with me, I will send you my five-page PDF article with detailed instructions on the
“Blotting Technique” for oral health.

I wrote these instructions because I felt that the printed instructions I found from various sources weren’t thorough enough.

  • I will also send my instructions free of charge to any clients since January, ‘09 - just ask.
  • Others can purchase it for $8. Find it on the Ordering page.

So, what is “blotting?”

Blotting is a remarkably effective method for healing teeth and gum problems naturally, by removing plaque. It not only improves the health of teeth and gums, but you’ll notice other positive effects as well - the mouth is connected to the rest of the body, a fact that the dentists often overlook!

Regular brushing only pushes plaque into the crevices between the teeth and gums, and doesn’t actually remove it!

Oil pulling is an effective method for pulling toxins from around the teeth and gums, but oil pulling is not always convenient, and some people find it unpleasant. Those who are already oil pulling can do blotting in addition, or whichever is more convenient on a particular day. See what works well for you.

The Price-Pottenger Foundation sells a very good DVD showing Dr. Phillips teaching the technique in detail, although it costs about $30. They also sell a small instruction booklet on blotting, which may not be enough for people to learn the technique properly.

So I recommend taking advantage of my offer. If you are ordering email consults or the Customized Eating Guidelines, just ask me to send you the “blotting instructions.”