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The Principle of Dilution in Dynamic “Homeopathic” Remedies

Excerpts from The Dynamic Legacy: From Homeopathy to Heilkunst, by Rudi Verspoor and Steven Decker

Initially, Hahnemann was interested in diluting the dose so as to avoid unnecessary aggravations (homeopathic) whilst still retaining some degree of medicinal action (still conceived largely in this context as a chemical action of sorts).

…In the initial stages it is very easily perceived that he was astonished at the striking effect produced by highly diluted substances..

Thus, Hahnemann’s purpose was at first merely to weaken the medicine to such an extent that it was able to stimulate therapeutic action in a diseased organ without burdening this organ unnecessarily with medicine.

..In his Chronic Diseases, he now thinks that the dilution actually strengthens the medicine.

..”If the dose is to act more strongly it must be stirred in a little more water until dissolved before taking it, and in still more water if it is to act still more strongly, and the physician should order the solution taken a portion at a time.”

…Here we can see another principle emerging, namely that of the power of the dose being related to the surface area of contact. The just-noted increase in strength of the remedy through dilution must then occur because of the greater surface area contacted..

In an article written in 1827, Hahnemann expresses his wonderment at the therapeutic power unleashed in the diluted/triturated medicine.

The dynamic dose (in dilutions beyond any chemical laws) is not subject to the same stricture as chemical doses, such that the giving of..suitable remedies in mixture does not create a problem for cure, but rather enhances it. Earlier, Hahnemann had found that the dynamised doses increased in therapeutic power despite increased dilution.

From Dr. Wilhelm Lux:

The more the substances are potentialised [diluted and shaken in a way to activate the therapeutic potential], the more the dormant power (energy) is liberated… I have seen, with other experiments that a high dilution is more powerful than a lower one; this means that the medicinal power augments according to the gradual diminution of the matter. Since then I call it not “Dilution” but “increasing the power.”

If the organism is sensitive or of phlegmatic or lymphatic constitution and has become weak by chronic diseases, I use higher dilutions which I renew and thus I avoid homoeopathic aggravations.

In summary:
Chemically, diluting a substance makes it less active and therefore less powerful therapeutically. But “dynamic” remedies are acting on a deeper level than the biochemical, and on that “dynamic” level the remedy becomes more powerful even as it contains less actual material substance.

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